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Rose Your Wedding Stationery

Invitations Your wedding stationery is more than your wedding invitations. It is your RSVPís, your registry cards, accommodation cards, your reception place cards, printed placemats, individual menus, napkins, and thank you cards.

However, your wedding invitations are the first impression of your wedding day.

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Rose Invitation Design

Choosing the right invitation design is important. Choose colours, designs, and themes that match your wedding theme, such as; a single colour or colours, silver, gold, bold or pastel, black and white, formal, contemporary, floral, beach, abstract, vintage, and so on.

Rose Personalize your Stationery

Do you want your wedding stationery to be kept as a keepsake?

Everyone loves to see their name on something. Personalized invitations are some of the most treasured keepsakes. It makes the guest feel very special and very close to the bride and groom. If you canít afford to have each guests name put on the cards, then see if you can have a friend or relative with beautiful handwriting or experience in calligraphy write the names on the top of the card. If this canít be done, then at least be sure to address the envelopes by hand to show a personalization.

You may also wish to include a personal note with your invitation.

And, donít forget to check the spelling on everything before ordering the invitations and accessories.

When it comes to DIY wedding invitations, the options are numerous. If you are creative, the world is your inspiration.

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