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Jewellery And Rings

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Jewellery and Rings The wedding band and the engagement ring you choose will be one of the most enduring pieces of your wedding day. Not only are they an important element of becoming married, but they are also a long lasting symbol of your love and commitment.

If your groom has already surprised you with a beautiful engagement ring, your wedding ring shopping will be all the easier.

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Rose Engagement Rings

The basic style, the type of metal - gold, silver or platinum, and perhaps the shape and type of diamond and/or other stones will be your guide in choosing a wedding ring.

Beyond the classic diamond engagement ring, there are many colourful options available; such as a gemstone or birthstone, or a pink sapphire or pink diamond, blue and pink sapphires, emerald, ruby, red garnet, and many more, or perhaps you might combine whatever stone you choose with a small diamond on each side.

Rose Bridal Accessories

The bridal jewellery that accompanies your wedding gown is just as important as the gown itself. The right jewellery adds colour, style and elegance to your gown. You may wish to accessorize your special gown with earrings, a necklace, bracelets, or hair jewellery. Your jewellery should finish off your look and bring the entire ensemble together.

Your headpiece, whether it is a veil, crown, tiara, fascinator, headband, or a hat, needs to work perfectly with your hair, so your hairdresser will play a vital role in your wedding day preparations.

Jewellery And Rings
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