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Rose A Limo, Vintage Car, or Unique?

Transport Traditionally the groom organizes the wedding transport, so it might be helpful if he has an idea of what you would like. Maybe a limousine or luxury car that is air conditioned, a classic car, or a vintage car, a horse drawn carriage, or something unique - the choice is yours.

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When you start looking at wedding transport, the first thing you may wish to consider is how many people you wish to transport. From there you can start contacting wedding transport suppliers.

There are several questions you may wish to ask transport suppliers. Do they have insurance and the relevant licenses? What type of cars and age, can you inspect the cars, what will the chauffer wear, are there any complimentary extras such as nibbles, champagne, decorations, TV, a sunroof, etc.

Ask the costs Ė the hourly rate, minimum number of hours, any special package deals. If you want to save money you may wish to have a pickup-and drop-off service only, so drivers arenít waiting around and costing you more.

Get the hire details in writing, including; transport date, costs and car registration numbers. And make sure the transport suppler has all the details for transporting you and your VIPís, such as pickup address(es), pickup time(s), wedding venue detail, photography location, reception venue location and your first night destination (if you using the transport to take you from your reception).

If you prefer a vintage car, please bear in mind that they may not have air conditioning, so the season and the time of the day may play a roll in selecting one of these beautiful cars.

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