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Create an Effective Listing

 Listing Description

Make your description relevent, clear and concise. You have 500 characters to describe your products and/or services. It should be descriptive enough to allow the Bride-to-be to visualise what you can offer her for her wedding. Talk to the bride - describe your features and benefits using words such as 'you' or 'your' and entice the bride to contact you.

Ensure that your description matches the category or categories that you are listed under. If you list yourself under more than one category, please ensure that all the categories you service are covered in your description.

The description field is searchable by the Bride, so ensure you use as many keywords as possible describe your business, ie. use words like "wedding dress" and "wedding gown" if you sell bridal wear.

 Listing Photograph(s)

'A picture paints a thousand words', so select a photograph that truely reflects your business, is professional, eye catching, creative and colourful. Your photograph is one of the first things that a bride will notice when she is browsing your listing. A great photo will entice the bride to read what you have written about your business and contact you. These two elements of your listing are very important and a little time and effort here can lead to more bridal interest.

You may wish to consider having an eye-catching slideshow of three rotating photos to showcase your business more effectively. A slideshow is useful if you wish to depict different aspects of your business, or are listed under several categories. A Resort may wish to have three photos - a wedding reception setup, ceremonies layout in the gardens, accommodation photo, etc. A Photographer may wish to show different elements of their photography style in three separate photos. Bomboniere providers many have a range of photos to show their various products. A Bridal Shop may wish to show several wedding gowns. A Jeweller may wish to showcase various rings. A Transport Business may wish to show various shots of their luxury cars, inside and out. You may see a great benefit to investing a little more in your listing with a slideshow.

 Important Extras

Website Link - Always include your link to your webpage, or wedding section of your web site, or facebook page to receive more bridal exposure. The brides that 'click through' to your site are qualified brides that are looking for wedding services now. Your listing has interested them and they want to find out more information about you from your site.

Phone Number(s) - Always have a current phone number so that brides can contact you quickly and easily. An alternate phone number is also a good idea.

Address - If you are a business with an address that a bride can visit, it is a good idea to display this on your listing, ie. Resort address, Hotel address, Shop address, Reception Venues, Accommodation Venues, etc.

Information Pack Request - Premium Plus and Premium Listings only.
An eye catching 'Request Info Pack' icon is displayed on your listing for the bride to select and make contact with you. This is a 'HOT' lead as the bride has taken the time to complete a form and request information or an Info Pack directly from you. Some Brides may be reluctant to make the initial telephone contact, however are willing to make the easy request for your information pack. They usually provide you with their contact details so you may call them a few days later to discuss their requirements in more detail.

Hot Special Icon - Premium Plus and Premium Listings only.
Increase your exposure with a 'Special Offer' for brides. For addditional bridal exposure, your listing will also be listed under the 'Hot Specials' section of our website. This field works well if you have a special or promotion. It can be some like:
"Free photo album with every booking..."
"Special discount for early booking..."
"Complimentary bride and groom accommodation for wedding night."
"Wedding package special..."
"Receive a compimentary... when you mention The Wedding Scene."
"Reception discount for ..... winter months."

One of the great advantages of Internet marketing over traditional printed marketing is the easy and low cost way to test the market. Once printed matter advertising goes to print, the marketing campaign remains as is until it runs to an end. However, with an Internet marketing campaign, it is easy to change the campaign "on-the-fly". This can be very useful when testing different marketing ideas (which you can even extend to your printed marketing later) - it's instantaneous and doesn't cost a cent more! So test those specials. Try various promotions and actively monitor which work and don't! Lastly, don't forget to ask brides-to-be to mention us when claiming the special so that you can measure the service we provide you too!

Conclusion? If you don't normally have a Special, think about adding something that would be "too-good-to-refuse" and watch your enquiries increase!

 Additional Categories

If you have a product or service that is relevant under more than one category, you can increase your bridal exposure and leads. ie. a Resort may be listed under Ceremony locations, Reception Venues and Accommodation, a Beautician may list under Nail Artists, Make-up Artists and Hair Stylists, or a Florist might also be a Wedding Reception or Ceremony Decorator.

 Additional Areas/Locations

If you are prepared to service more than one area, such as a wedding service provider that can travel, then enter the additional areas, therefore increasing your exposure to brides. Or if you are an internet based wedding product and service provider you can select more that one area - dependant upon the package you have selected.

 List Under All Locations

We have also included an "Australian-Wide" listing feature that will list your business under all 14 locations in Queensland and Northern NSW, as well as under our "all locations" search. If you deliver a service that delivers to all areas, then consider including this add-on, eg. bomboniere providers or internet based wedding businesses.

 Followup your Bridal Leads

Depending upon your package with The Wedding Scene, you will receive various types of bridal leads. Please ensure that you followup these leads, send the bride the requested information, then make a curtesy followup phone call to see that the bride has received your information and if she needs any further information or has any questions.

Also, followup the bride in the future, maybe one month, three months or six months down the track, either with an email, or preferably with a phone call.

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